Friday, March 28, 2008

Who are the most qualified to be President?

Unfortunately, we may never know who is best qualified to BE president. For now, all we can go by is who is best qualified to RUN for president.

When a company chooses to hire a CEO, how do they choose? Do they choose the best spoken? Do they choose the most handsome? Do they choose the most likable?

My thought is that companies choose the most qualified person to be the CEO, based on how that person would best be able to reach the goals for the company set by the board of directors.

Does the United States of America have a board of directors....? Yes we do-we have about 350 million of them. That's what makes the process of running for office so tough. At most companies candidates deal with 8-12 board members, who for the the most part, objectively look at the CEO's performance; the performance of the company under his/her purview; and the fit of the candidate for the job.

The American people choose their CEO by sound bites, miss information and the color of their hair. Richard Nixon lost to John F. Kennedy in 1960 because Nixon did not use make-up and sweated under the lights during the debates. Sweat on a brow was enough to sway the public's perception of the man. Wow, are we shallow or what?

So, what can you as a voter do?
1. Pick up a newspaper and read about the candidates. Do you like Hillary's stance on the bailout of mortgagee's and banks? Do you like Obama's stance on raising taxes on the wealthy? Is your candidate trying to heal or divide America?

2. Get on the Internet and read the speeches. They are there verbatim. Do you like the words you hear? Are the words platitudes or previews of a new age?

3. Find the candidates' past voting records. What did they vote for or against.

Don't be lazy. Don't just say, "I hate all XXXXXXXXX's. Vote with your mind with a little help from your heart.

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