Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tax breaks for the people who deserve them

Senator Obama said this in Houston:

And we're going to rollback those Bush tax cuts that went to all the wealthy people, and we're going to give tax cuts to ordinary families, people who are making less than $75,000. We will offset your payroll tax.
Senior citizens who make less than $50,000, we want to say to them: You don't have to pay an income tax. You're already having a hard time making ends meet.

Does this mean that anyone who makes more than $75,000 is not an ordinary family? Does this mean that those who work hard. Spend years in school, sacrificing their time with their family, don't deserve to be rewarded for their hard work?

So what is Obama saying to the person who came from nothing and takes pride in the ownership of his or her accomplishments?
"Thanks for the sacrifice. Now give me your money because the dropout with three kids needs it. Thanks for the time and effort you made to be a contributing part of the society. Now give me your money, you don't need or want it. I can use it to pay for the mortgage of a union worker who has no skills because the money was good right out of high school. He has a boat and a wide screen TV. You need to give him your money, I mean, our money, so he can afford cable. And then he will see what your money can do for him and he will vote for me. Just remember this Mr. Rich....The more you make-the more I will take. Make lots, okay?"

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