Monday, March 24, 2008

Grazing on Taxpayers' Money

Stephen Gordon, Diamond G Ranch, a rancher Near Yellowstone, has voluntarily stopped grazing his cattle on Federal land. Previously, ranchers paid about $1.35 per month per animal. Now Gordon is getting $150,000 not to graze his animals.
This is sort of like getting paid not to grow something. A year-old bovine is worth about $1,300 to a butcher like Tyson. With 31 confirmed livestock kills since 1991 that runs to $2,600 loss per year. But Gordon said the actual kill is probably 'eight times' that number. But wouldn't we (taxpayers) have already paid for those through Gordon's tax deductions for "Livestock-known deaths, killed and missing?
How many cows has Gordon claimed in his tax deductions? Has he actually claimed 240+? That would come out to $312K in tax deductions since 1991.
With the $150K he's making on this deal, by not paying to graze on Federal Land, maybe Gordon should take up not farming on the land, too.

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