Friday, March 28, 2008

Libraries not safe for children anymore

I remember the days when I could browse the library for books and leave my children to browse for themselves. I can't do that anymore. I have to ask my children to stay away from certain parts of the library. If you haven't heard about the case of the Librarian who was fired for reporting illegal activity, you should read:

I asked the librarian at our local branch, about the sinister nature of an incredibly graphic rape scene in one book. After one page, I was finished with the book. Are people so lost that they must turn to junk?
Our librarian was kind, read the book. Actually said it was inappropriate and not good. But she also offered that some people read that type of book, and it would stay on the shelves. I agree with her that pulling the book would be censorship. I will certainly censor it from my child. I read most of the books my 12yo reads, 1 to make sure it's not off the wall. 2: to have something to share with him.

I find it uplifting to read classics, autobiographies and non-fiction, which promotes the good in the world instead of focusing on the sadness. I know the sadness will never go away, but reading about good people makes me want to help, through volunteering or gifts of charity and mercy, so that the burdens are lifted on the poor, somewhat.

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