Monday, April 21, 2008

Well, I'm back from over the Pond where National Health Care is a huge issue. In the news are photos of people who are queued up to see a dentist; 144,000 complaints in 2007 about pensioner care; and the 11.5 percent payroll tax to pay for the care.So, depending on the scheme chosen by Hillary or Senator Obama, we can look forward to paying a flat percentage of over 11.5 percent to pay for government health care.Is this something the economy can afford right now? Just think, 11 percent of your salary going away when national health care is signed into law. That's the percentage in Britain and they have really bad care. Here's an example of how govt. interference works in the UK. A woman needed a kidney. Her husband dies and wished for his wife to have one of his kidneys. The govt. over-ruled the wishes of the husband and gave his kidneys to other people who were on the waiting list for an organ before his wife. A former cabinet minister opened his mouth during an interview and his teeth were discolored and rotting. Is this what national health care will get you?On $20,000 dollars a year salary, you will lose $2,300 in increased taxes to pay for national healthcare. Now, if Senator Obama decides to take more from the few rich, who are more than willing to pay for other people’s lifestyle, the percentage could go up to twenty percent. Imagine working for 2.4 months to pay just for health care. That’s on top of the five months the 35% tax bracket must work before they get to keep some of their pay.
If Hillary or Senator Obama are elected, those few rich will be working 7.5 months before they get to keep any of their own salary. That is socialistic government at it’s best.

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